Finn Exchange


Market Order executes instantly against the best available price in the order book
Finn Exchange is the only margin DEX that allows market orders. In effect, the market order is a Limit Order with a price slightly lower/higher than the best available price in the order book. So the Market Order is just a faster way to create a limit order with the price basically pre-filled.
When creating a MARKET order, the Finn Exchange app will create a LIMIT order with the price +/- 1% from the best available price in the order book.
MARKET orders will execute instantly and will always pay the taker fee.
In rare cases, when a violent price move is happening the MARKET order will not execute, and instead will appear as a LIMIT order in the order list. That can happen when the price moves more than 1% while the order is being confirmed. In this case users have the option of cancelling the order and creating a new one, or waiting for the order to execute as a LIMIT order (in that case the user will only pay the maker fee).