Finn Exchange
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This is a short roadmap of the main things that are planned for the project. This roadmap will change as market demand will determine the necessary features and developments. We are constantly working on small improvements and bug fixes. This roadmap represents a general long-term vision for the project and not a detailed task list.

Q1 2021

  • Concept
    • Concept Generation
    • Team Creation

Q2 2021

  • Research
    • Verification working concept
    • Strategic Plan
    • Whitepaper

Q3 2021

  • Design
    • Platform design and technical demonstration
    • Building the MVP

Q4 2021

  • Alpha Test
    • In-house testing of functionality
    • Prototype published and linked to Ethereum blockchain with real-time scanning
  • Pre-sale
    • Public financing & Seed funding raised

Q1 2022

  • Listing
    • IDO with launchpads
    • Listing on popular exchanges
  • Exchange launch
    • Moving trade processing to Fantom chain
    • All Ethereum Layer-2 solution Integration

Q2 2022

  • Ecosystem Development
    • Multiple blockchain integration
    • IDO launchpad, multichain Dex, NFT Game